The Start of the Spring Migration in Ontario

The Spring migration in Southern Ontario is underway. Yesterday I traveled to Long Point on Lake Ontario and managed to see almost 60 species. I have never seen so many golden-crowned kinglets, brown creepers, eastern towhees or northern (yellow-shafted) flickers on one day! Nor have I heard so many red winged blackbirds! The following were all taken in the vicinity of Long Point.

Forster’s tern
Brown creeper. The speck falling to the bird I believe is a wood tick.

Brown creeper, “hidden” on a birch trunk.
Blue-grey gnatcatcher
One of a “million” noisy red-winged blackbirds
Chipping sparrow
Golden-crowned kinglet
Northern (yellow-shafted) flicker
Ruby-crowned kinglet
Red-breasted nuthatch
Horned grebe

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