And Now from the West Coast!

Since I last posted on this site, we have made the move to British Columbia, and we are well into the process of getting settled. I have had little time for “the outdoors” since the move, however that is starting to change. One’s perspective of “Nature” is a lot different in British Columbia, than it is in Ontario or Kentucky, and wilderness is far more accessible. Similarly, one’s perspective of “Today’s World” is different. Environmental issues and issues of sustainability attract a lot more attention in the general public. I look forward to doing more exploring and getting back to posting on this site as we settle in to our West Coast life. The following photos were taken in British Columbia, Oregon and California over the last two months.

Mount Baker (Washington) seen from our yard in Abbotsford, BC.
Coastline, Central Oregon
Cascade Mountains, Manning Park, BC
Grey whale, Central Oregon Coast
White-faced ibises in flight, Northern California
Female wood duck, Oregon
Raven, Manning Park, BC
Clark’s nutcracker, Manning Park, BC
(Long-billed) Dowitcher, Delta, BC
Mount Shasta, Northern California
Steller’s jay, Oregon

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