Winter Birds

While winter is generally the slowest season for birding, the presence of wintering raptors and ducks makes southern BC a good location for winter birding. Here are some of my favourite photos taken in the area this winter.

Short-eared owl
Northern harrier (male). Referred to as the “grey ghost” it is often seen at dusk in the fields and marshes.
Anna’s hummingbird (female). We have had them at our feeders all winter.
Northern shoveler (male)
Surf scoter (male): one of the strangest ducks to see in flight!
Wood duck drake; My favourite of the ducks!
Juvenile bald eagle
Juvenile northern goshawk. This bird is a terror to ducks!
Juvenile peregrine falcon
Juvenile Cooper’s hawk
Bald eagle
Trumpeter swans. Several thousand reside in the Fraser Valley in the winter and numbers increase in the late winter/ early spring.
Common loon
Pintail drake
Lesser scaup drake taking flight
Sandhill cranes
Great blue heron.
Brown creeper
Song sparrow. Quiet during the winter, they are starting to sing more now.
Black turnstones
Red-tail hawk
Long-billed dowitchers
American wigeons

2 thoughts on “Winter Birds

  1. I’m so glad that you are getting out and are able to get these wonderful photographs. Very good variety of birds.

    Gene Stinson

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