The South Okanagan

Last week, we took a short trip to the South Okanagan. Despite stormy weather, it was a very good trip for seeing “new to us” birds, as well as for wildflowers, animals and beautiful scenery.

Western bluebird
Lazuli bunting
Western bluebird
Western tanager
Yellow-headed blackbird
Bullock’s oriole
Say’s phoebes
Black bear
Mule deer buck
Willow flycatcher
Cedar waxwing eating a Saskatoon berry
Bees enterring hive in a ponderosa pine
Calliope hummingbird – this is a very tiny hummingbird, in fact the smallest bird native to Canada and the USA
A very distant and rare Lewis’s woodpecker. It actually has a pink breast and is the only pink coloured bird native to Canada
Black-chinned hummingbird: (only found in a very narrow range in Canada)
California quail

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