The Canadian Rockies (Part Two)

This most recent trip to the Rockies was exceptional for seeing both black bears and grizzly bears. However, we were unable to spot any mountain goats or moose. As always, there are many birds to be seen, although this is a relatively quiet time of year for birds.

The raven. Our morning alarm clock in Banff.
Three very young bear cubs in Banff. Mother was close by.
Mother black bear with one of the cubs.
Mule deer stag
Cedar waxwing
Columbian ground squirrels
Mother grizzly bear
Spotted sandpiper
Golden mantled ground squirrel
Black bear turning over a large rock to find food. An awesome indicator of a bear’s strength!
Bighorn sheep (ram)
Bighorn females and young
White-crowned sparrow
Green-winged teal ducklings
Grizzly bear yearling

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