The West Kootenays

We have long waned to visit the West Kootenays. We finally made it this month. We had exceptional weather until the smoke from the fires of the Western United States arrived. Here are a few of the photos from the region.

Pilot Bay on Kootenay Lake
Black bears out for a stroll, Creston Valley
Spawning Kokanee salmon (land-locked sockeye) in Kokanee Creek, Kootenay Lake
Kokanee Creek Provincial Park
Trout Lake. A beautiful location but a terrible road to get there!
Lardeau River (renowned for rainbow trout)
Between New Denver and Kaslo
Black bear in tree near Duck Lake (we were looking for birds!)
Red-naped sapsucker
Kootenay Lake
Brock, at Kooteny Lake. He becomes a puppy again as soon as he finds water!
Small lake near New Denver
After the smoke arrived from the south! Bald eagle and common merganser, Kootenay Lake

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