A Surprising Day at Brunswick Point

Yesterday, the weather forecast was for reasonable weather. The forecast for the rest of the week is rain. So I decided to head out to Brunswick Point in Delta, to try to find and photograph a rough-legged hawk, which has been reported in the area. I was successful, in finding and photographing the hawk, but saw so much more than I expected to see! There were many harriers, red-tailed hawks, eagles, herons, swans, flickers, trumpeter swans and short-eared owls. The biggest surprise was that the owls were active from noon until I left at 3:00 PM. This owl is generally nocturnal, and usually the only time you can photograph them is late in the day or early in the morning, or when they are very hungry, such as after a cold spell and snow storm. Our weather has not been cold and we have not had snow recently.

Rough-legged hawk. The reason for the outing!
Rough-legged hawk in flight
Northern harrier male. Sometimes called the grey ghost.
Northern harrier (female or juvenile), diving for a rodent.
Three harriers and a short-eared owl.
Short-eared owl
Short-eared owl, hiding its catch ( a small rodent)
Short-eared owl, carrying a vole
Giving the evil eye!
Taking a closer look!
A murmuration of dunlin! Fascinating to watch!

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