World Migratory Bird Day

Today is World Migratory Bird Day, a day to recognize the billions of birds that migrate seasonally. Facing ever increasing hazards due to loss of habitat, climate change and toxins, it is important to recognize that migrating species are exposed to risks in each of the many environments they must navigate as part of their life cycle. It is for this reason, that conservation must be coordinated internationally. The following photos illustrate a few of the migrating species, that add so much wonder and beauty to our world.

Scarlet tanager. Taken at Point Pelee (ON). Point Pelee is one of the most incredible locations in North America to see migrating song birds, in May
Townsend’s warbler. Taken in the rain forest of the Fraser Valley (BC).
Magnolia warbler, taken in Southern Ontario.
Bobolink. This bird migrates on a very tightly defined schedule from Paraguay and Argentina to Canada and the Northern Plains of the United States. I have seen these birds in Kentucky (they pass through in the first week of May), Ontario and in BC.
Dickcissel. Photo taken in Kentucky. An occasional visitor to southern parts of Canada.
Mountain bluebird. Taken in the Fraser Valley.
Yellow-headed blackbird. Taken in South Central BC.
Lazuli bunting. Taken in South Central BC.
Indigo bunting. Taken in Kentucky.
Snow geese. They winter in Southern Canada and in the United States. This photo was taken near Henderson Kentucky. They spend their summers in the Arctic. The ones seen in BC in the winter migrate from Siberia, while the ones seen in Eastern Canada and Kentucky spend their breeding season in Arctic Canada.
Whooping crane. Certainly one of the most endangered of North America’s migrating species. Photo taken in Indiana.

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