A Return to the Growing Barred Owl Family

On my return this week, I was able to observe two busy parents feeding their growing brood of owlets. While I suspected there were three last week, I was able to confirm that indeed there are three. The owlets are growing quickly and acquiring their flying skills. They remain totally dependent on their parents for food, and are very noisy when they are hungry!

Mother, sharing with two of the owlets.
One of the owlets
Another owlet
Possibly the third owlet. While I could see them all at the same time, I could never capture more than two in a single photo. One was noticeably larger than the other two.
Father, feeding on what I think might be a small opossum. (At first I thought it was a muskrat. If anyone can tell, please let me know!)
Mother feeding one of the owlets
Father, preening after a bit meal.
Mother with two of the owlets
Mother feeding two owlets.

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