Early Spring in the Okanagan

From April 8-10, I participated in the Okanagan Spring Birding Tour organized by Avocet Tours. It was an exceptional tour, led by Chris Charlesworth, an extremely knowledgable and gracious leader. Over the three days, we managed to spot and identify 104 species of birds. Being early Spring in the Okanagan, the weather was unpredictable and changeable…………seemingly changing every 20 minutes or so. In fact, we were turned back by heavy snow one night, while looking for owls!

There were many highlights on this outing, which are highlighted ins some of the photos that follow. One of the most important highlights of the tour was meeting and talking with experienced and interesting people with common interests in experiencing nature. I look forward to further outings!

Western screech owl
Western meadowlark
Ruddy duck
Cassin’s finch
Looking for the rare Williamson’s sapsucker
Williamson’s sapsucker
Western bluebird
Mountain bluebird
Great grey owl taking flight at dusk
Great-grey owl – heading in the wrong direction!
A distant northern pygmy owl. We were all amazed at how Chris located him!
Pygmy nuthatch
Forced back from our night bowling trip by snow!
A very early Brewer’s sparrow
Canyon wren- a rarity in Canada
A very distant peregrine falcon
Eurasian wigeon
Red crossbill
Yellow-headed blackbird
Wilson’s snipe

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