More from January: in SW British Columbia

This has been a good month for photography in southern BC, particularly compared to much colder places I have lived. While there has been a lot of rain, it has been warm and the non-rainy times have been excellent for being outdoors. When I have been tempted to complain, I think back to being stuck in a snow-filled ditch at -25 Celsius in SW Ontario while trying to find snowy owls! So far I have taken more than 3000 photos this month – a great number by my standards. Here are a few of my favourites. I don’t think I have posted more than one or two of these on Facebook.

Sunrise over Mount Baker (Kushan) taken from our deck.
Mature bald eagle with dead salmon being pursued by juvenile eagle.
Bald eagle, landing. (Harrison Mills)
Barred owl sleeping after a large meal. There were wings of a gull on the ground below this owl.
Bald eagles competing for the prize.
Northern shoveler drake.
Beaver, just a few feet in front of me, slipping into the water.
Great blue heron observing me, while I was observing a family of beavers.
Common goldeneye drake.
North shore mountains, taken from Howe Sound.
Mount Baker, from the Salish Sea
Common loon
Common goldeneye family.
Glaucous winged gull
Pileated woodpecker (female).
Anna’s hummingbird, flaring his gorget.
Long-eared owl
Sea lions
Trumpeter swans taking off.
The same trumpeter swans in flight.
Mount Slesse, seen through a hole in the clouds.
Northern pygmy owl
Wood duck drake
Double crested cormorant.
Mount Baker and the Burnaby skyline.
Sea lion
Anna’s hummingbird
Beaver. I was on a bridge and watched as this beaver swam to the bridge. When it saw me, it flapped its tail and disappeared under the water.
Bald eagles

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