Winter Water Birds in the Fraser Valley

The Fraser Valley is a great location to see wintering ducks, geese and swans which have migrated south from more northerly regions.The following photos have been taken over the last couple of weeks at the Cheam Lake Wetlands, Willband Creek Park and the Reifel Bird Sanctuary.

Trumpeter swans, leaving Cheam Lake in the early morning.
Common merganser. Willband Creek.

Green winged teal, Willband Creek.
Northern shoveler, Reifel Sanctuary.
Northern pintail drake. Reifel Sanctuary.
Northern pintail drake.
In stereo! Trumpeter swans lifting off from Cheam Lake.
Trumpeter swans lining up for take off. You know they are about to lift off when they all start bobbing their heads!
After lift-off, the swans normally circle the lake before taking off to graze in the farm fields of the valley.
Lesser scaup hen, Reifel Sanctuary.
Ring-necked drake. Reifel Sanctuary.
Hooded merganser hen. Reifel Sanctuary.
Hooded merganser drake. Reifel Sanctuary.
American wigeon drake. Reifel Sanctuary.
Common merganser hen. Reifel Sanctuary.
Common merganser drake. Willband Creek.
Great blue heron. Reifel Sanctuary.
Sandhill crane. Reifel Sanctuary. Normally I see there three over the winter although others pass through in the Autumn migration. Last week, I counted 12.
Thousands of snow geese. They lift off when disturbed, typically by eagles. They winter in the area, but migrate here from Siberia. This was taken at Reifel, but there is also a large flock along the US border at Abbotsford.

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