Feeding Time at the Osprey Nest

Two weeks ago, we had the opportunity to observe the osprey nest in Matsqui. The female was on the nest incubating eggs, when we heard and then saw the male approach with a fish. It then landed on a distant tree and started to eat the fish. The female on the nest called to the male, clearly wanting to be fed. After a while, the male approached, carrying half of the fish. It landed on the nest,and gave the half fish to the female. The female then left the nest and started to eat the fish in flight. The male stayed on the nest, presumably on the eggs.

Male with complete fish after landing in a tree about 400 metres from the nest.
Male bringing the half eaten fish to the female.
Delivering the fish.
The female leaving the nest after the exchange.
Leaving the nest.
The female, starting to eat the fish, in flight.

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