Ontario Birds (October and November)

Late October and early November is not considered “good time” for birding in Ontario.  However, it is a time for seeing rarities, late migrators and birds that have flown well out of their normal range…………….as well as the normal birds of winter.

Hudsonian godwit – a true “marathon bird”. This bird migrates from the Arctic to southern South America!

Northern saw-whet owl being banded. 

Great kiskadee – a bird seldom seen north of Texas but common in South America. This is the first great kiskadee seen in Canada

Red-breasted nuthatch 

White-crowned sparrow

Downy woodpecker

Spotted sandpiper

Carolina wren

Black-throated grey warbler. An errant bird found normally on the West Coast. It would be expected to migrate to Texas or other locations in SW USA.

White winged scoter

Long-tailed duck


Black-capped chickadee. The friendliest bird of the forest! I though this one was going to land on my lens!

Downy woodpecker (female)

Juvenile trumpeter swan

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